Maternity Photoshoot with "V & G" / by Deuce Bradshaw

We had our first child in 2017. I learned a lot about valuing that experience from taking care of my wife. I remember days where my wife wouldn't feel 100% like the gorgeous woman that I see. Whenever I get the opportunity to shoot women who are going through the process of carrying a child, I like to really take my time to make them into the goddesses that they look like.

I had the opportunity to shoot with V and G a couple weeks ago while assisting my friend Shelton Floyd (Instagram: @Fettish).


Maternity photos were one of the first things I shot as a semi-professional photographer. I did my best, but I didn't really understand the process until I had my first child.

There's a strong gravitas that I want to bring to every maternity image. For me, there's a sense of love and fear that comes along with having a child. Whenever I shoot couples for maternity portraits, I try to make sure that we can see the connection between the couple.

V&G were a wonderful couple to shoot. They joked around with each other and made each other smile. I wish them the absolute best!



I want to put a "Thank You" out there into the ether for this opportunity. If you're looking for a photographer in Tampa, Florida, then consider hitting me up.