One of the first questions people have when they'd like to schedule a shoot is:


I get a lot of messages about my pricing, so the goal of this page is to give an idea of where I start at and why we start there.



Weddings are deeply personal for me. I believe in full coverage and capturing every detail of the day. For many brides and grooms, their day is jam-packed with one thing after the next. The photos are an aid to remember the day and see it from the perspective of the wedding party, friends, and, of course, family.

Packages start at 1490.

Headshot and Portraiture

Everyone needs a headshot. The modern internet is the new "Main Street." We can all agree that it's important to start off on the right foot, whether it's for a business, facebook, LinkedIn, or even the latest dating craze.

Starting at 290.

Ella - Copyright Deuce Bradshaw

Ella E.


A lot of people think that their phone camera is sufficient for shooting events, until they get into situations where the lighting isn't perfect. On top of that, it's nice to be able to put the phone down and enjoy the event. A professional can bring lighting where conditions aren't optimal and give you the peace of mind that the event is going to be captured perfectly.

Starting at 495.