Photoshoot with Tampa Based Musicians @3DimensionalMusic / by Deuce Bradshaw

Coleton and Logen from 3Dimensional Music in front of the Tampa Theatre

3Dimensional Music

Meeting interesting people is one of the highlights of being a photographer. It's especially great when you get to meet other creatives working in the Tampa Bay area.

I came across the guys from 3Dimensional music on Instagram. They're a Tampa based group that bring a bit of rock, soul, and pop together into an amalgam of music stylings. I felt the first thing the guys needed was a few shots that showed off their Tampa roots. So, I had the guys meet my assistant, Chris Navarro (IG: photos_by_navarro) and I at the Tampa Theatre.

The first shots were group portraits that were followed by a few individual shots. I used the lighting from the Tampa Theatre sign as the "rim light" for the guys, and the Adorama Flashpoint AD600 w/ the 28" Glow Parapop as the main light. I shot low and wide to give a sense of power to the guys and then had them lean in a bit to compensate for the angle.

After shooting at the Theatre, we moved to the parking garage where there's some amazing murals. One of the first things I did for this shoot was spend an hour looking at the group's online presence. I wanted to get to know the guys as well as I could before the shoot. One of the first things I asked was about Coleton jumping around. He mentioned that he had a background in Martial Arts. When we got to the stairs setup his bold personality came out and he insisted that we get a jumping shot. It was an awesome opportunity to emphasize their personality differences, so while Coleton was jumping, I had Logen start playing on his phone. The result was a stellar photo.


Coleton and Logen of 3Dimensional Music

Coleton and Logen of 3Dimensional Music

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Check out their latest single, "Nobody" on Spotify: