Who is Deuce?

Photographs by Deuce Bradshaw.

My photographic journey started long before I ever picked up a camera, but in 2010 I picked up a digital camera. I quickly realized that I loved capturing images. However, I quickly learned that good photography is all about creating and finding great light.

Great light doesn't mean that it needs to be beautiful light, but rather something that compliments the subject. Sometimes the subject is a business professional that needs a headshot. Sometimes the subject is a couple who wants to share and capture a moment in time. Sometimes it's a pet whose time on earth isn't nearly long enough.

It's my goal to provide great photos in a simple, quick, and professional manner. Great photography shouldn't cost people an arm and a leg.

What will it cost?

Deuce Bradshaw -- pcbradshawiii @ gmail.com

Deuce Bradshaw -- pcbradshawiii @ gmail.com

The honest answer is: it depends. I have a set of standard prices that I typically use for a shoot. Why don't I advertise them on this page? Well, because there are some people who are struggling, but have a major life event happening. I like to be flexible and able to negotiate my prices.

What do I get?

A shoot generally consists of me traveling to a location, setting up my kit, shooting, traveling back home, uploading images, editing images, and delivering images. I typically deliver a limited and specific number of shots. The reason is that great art comes out of great restrictions. It also allows me to focus on each specific shot. Family, Engagement, and Pet images typically deliver 5-8 digital images in the end. Headshots are 3-4 digital images.

I give my clients a lot of the rights to images. I generally give clients the right to print the images that I've shot for their personal use, but they cannot sell the images to a third party. I always retain a license to use the images to promote my work. 

Will you shoot me for free?

Honestly, probably not. If I'm shooting for free, then I'm shooting for me. This means that I don't have to deliver the images if I'm not feeling like it. I don't have to edit if I don't want to. I can deliver on my own schedule.