Maternity shoot with Ellen T. on the Courtney Campbell Causeway in Tampa, Florida by Deuce Bradshaw

I've been doing a lot of maternity shoots lately. It may be because I'm super focused on babies since our new arrival, or maybe just luck. I'm not sure. When Ellen hit me up a couple of weeks ago to shoot and she mentioned that she was expecting; I instantly knew that I wanted to get outside and get shots with epic skies, gorgeous water, and great scenery.

Ellen T. on the Beach of the Courtney Campbell Causeway

I called up my friendly neighborhood photographer, Shelton Floyd, (IG: @Fettish) to help me out with the shoot. He graciously accepted and we met up with Ellen at the Courney Campbell Causeway in Tampa, Florida.

Now, I need to explain that the Causeway is one of my favorite places to shoot. The variety of beaches that are there make it perfect for any kind of shoot. There are rocks, sand, and even mangroves. The fact that it curves and bit and has sun across it because it's southern-facing helps too. Sufficed to say, I love that place.

While a lot of photographers choose a "light an airy" look to photos, I always come back to the feeling that they're blowing out the background because they don't know how to get the sky to be properly exposed. I love seeing gorgeous clouds and blue skies in images and it drives me nuts when the sky is overly white for no reason. You'll often see me lugging around a giant light stand because I feel like there's a lot that can be added to fill in shadows or bring up the subject's exposure in order to get the sky into that perfect blue.

Ellen's dress blowing in the breeze on the Courtney Campbell Causeway in Tampa, FL.

I just want to use my last few words here to thank my fellow Tampa Photographer, Shelton, for the assist and our gorgeous subject, Ellen. Remember, that if you're looking for a Photographer in Tampa, Florida to check out my contact info and let's talk about how I can make your photos come alive.